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Douglas 11
Create a
dynamic co-working
space where people,
from social entrepreneurs
to freelancers and
community advocates,
can amplify their impact
on the world.
Big Idea
The Dock,
founded by sustainability
consultant Jason Found,
launched in late June in
Victoria’s Fan Tan Alley
as a collaborative space
where social innovation
can take root and grow.
With 25
desks, a conference
room, meeting space
and the potential for
shared amenities like
reception, the Dock has
been refurbished with
reclaimed and recycled
materials wherever
The Dock is
designed to stimulate
community for people
who might otherwise
work in isolation.
Members are encouraged
to tackle regional issues
together and solve
in monthly salons.
Mayor (and Dock
supporting member)
Dean Fortin says bringing
together groups of
organizations in one
space is a great way to
foster collaboration and
economic growth. “Great
things are bound to come
from it,” he adds.
Open Spaces
Open Minds
a page
Jim Munro knows how
to go out with a bang.
Capping Munro’s Books
momentous 50th
anniversary year, which
saw co-founder Alice Munro awarded the Nobel
Prize for Literature and Munro himself named to the
Order of Canada, Munro has given the store to four
of his senior staff. In exchange for a “token” payment
to Munro, the iconic Victoria bookstore will be in the
hands of store manager Jessica Walker, senior buyer
Carol Mentha, comptroller Sarah Frye and operations
manager Ian Cochran, following Munro’s retirement
in September.
From left to right:
Jason Found,
Nicole Chaland,
Aiden Abram
Jeffrey Bosdet/Douglas Magazine
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