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fuel for thought
While it might be a stretch to
call it the 100-mile snacking
diet, proponents of eating
local will be happy to know
Victoria companies produce a
wealth of healthy snacking
options. They include:
The Island Nut Roastery,
which roasts more than 30
specialty nut and nut-based
products —including Island
grown filberts.
The brand new
Jusu Bar
is an organic juice bar with
multiple locations opening
around Victoria.
Lifespan TR5000-DT5 Treadmill
Desk (Aloyd Fitness, $2,299)
Scientists recently discovered that
exercise causes your muscles to
release beneficial chemicals that
block the harmful chemicals
your body releases in response
to frequent stress. Given the
percentage of workers who
describe their workdays as
“stressful,” a treadmill desk might
be the perfect solution. Alternately,
take your meetings out of the
boardroom and do a loop around
the neighbourhood.
in the
getting personal
Rethink the corporate
consultant. Trainers, like
those at Core Personal
Fitness, can use lunch
and learns, group
workouts and health
evaluations to boost
your corporate wellness.
Serenity Now
Workplace stress
accounts for a
significant percentage
of absenteeism
and illness. Using relaxation and
meditations app such as Serenity,
can help you quiet your mind and
better handle stress. Serenity app:
holding a meeting or
networking while exercising  
Let’s Get Physical
Health research shows that sitting for extended periods increases the
risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer and depression. No wonder a
new study has labelled sitting as the “new smoking.” So shake up your
sedentary work place with these action-inspiring picks.
Mental Health
Mental health problems and
illnesses are rated as one of
the top three drivers of both
short- and long-term
disability claims by more than
of Canadian
Mental health problems and
illnesses account for more than
$6 billion
in lost productivity costs due to
absenteeism and presenteeism.
— Statistics Canada
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