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For At-Home Chefs
The name really says it
The Sobo Cookbook: Recipes from the
Tofino Restaurant at the End of the Canadian
. Sobo — short for Sophisticated
Bohemian — is a destination restaurant.
For Culinary Explorers
You can, quite literally, eat your way around
Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands. And now,
you can do all that exploring with Don Genova of
CBC radio as your guide with his new book
Artisans of Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands
cheese and beyond
With all its beautiful sandy beaches and golf
courses, it isn’t hard to come up with a reason
to go to Parksville, but here’s one more: Little
Qualicum Cheeseworks. Really, it’s a culinary field
trip: there’s the Cheeseworks, where 16 varieties
of tasty, hand-crafted cheese are made. Then
there’s Morningstar Farm, home of the cows that
provide the milk that make the cheese, as well as
goats, sheep, pigs, horses, rabbits, and Carl the
llama. And then there’s MooBerry Winery, where
they make lovely fruit wines (yes, that match the
cheese). The Farmgate Store carries everything
you need for a picnic on the farm.
Gourmet Vegetarian
Vegetarians and vegans found culinary
heaven first in Café Bliss, and now also at Be
Love. Nearly triple the size of tiny Café Bliss,
Be Love offers a somewhat more upscale
dining experience than its raw-food, gluten-
free older sister, but it still has that trademark
casual warmth. The food? Wonderfully
creative and flavourful. Even carnivores love it.
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