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present to the world
what we are inside and
so I did a whole show
on that.”
She loves large, richly
colourful paintings on
canvas, and how she
achieves that has no set
pattern: “Every piece
has a different journey.”
And while she most
often paints in the
mornings, one work in
particular —
— was unusual.
“For that piece, I got up it the middle of
the night, and I just got inspired — and it
doesn’t happen that often but occasionally
— and I started painting,” she says.
“Sometimes [painting] is a struggle and
sometimes it just flows and for that one,
it just flowed and so I just worked like a
mad dog on it and loved the piece.”
So did the people at the arts council
show in Duncan — it won a first place in
the People’s Choice award and sold.
Where does that kind of inspiration
come from? On that she is clear.
“I feel my inspiration really comes from
God,” she says. “I want to give credit
where credit is due and to say it is all me
wouldn’t be correct. So I say God inspires
How that inspiration materializes
“Inspiration comes from just about
anywhere,” she says. “I did a large abstract
piece that is in Alberta now that was
inspired by a bar of soap.... one of those
bars where they put a piece of apple inside
and the colours were really quite lovely.”
As far as artistic influences, she says,
“The Group of Seven, of course. My
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