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David Alexander,
Joe Dandy
(page 84)
Simon DesRochers,
More Joy
(page 72)
Leanne McKeachie,
Holiday Inspired
(page 62)
To me, the holidays
are always about
gloves and scarves.
For years, my favourite
great aunt gave me
gloves for Christmas.
Or a scarf. Or both.
As a kid, I was always
disappointed (though
I shouldn’t have been
— she was as regular as clockwork with
her gifts). When I pulled the wrapped
bundle of fluffiness out from under the
tree, I thought maybe it was a really soft
book, a new form of Lego or, the ultimate,
a puppy. Nope, gloves or a scarf. Now that
I’m an adult and my great aunt has passed
on, I miss those gloves and scarves. Each
Christmas, I nip out and buy myself a new
scarf and a pair of gloves, and pick up a
pair for my own young niece. One day she
will appreciate them.
When I lived in France, the family Christmas
tradition was to go to Spain, around two hours away
from where we lived, to spend our holidays in a
small town on the Costa Brava, north of Barcelona.
The weather was always mild and it gave us a
chance to spend time near the sea. One year, I
received a camera as a present from my parents.
That’s when my passion for photography started.
The first thing I did was to go out into the vineyards
and take photos of the people working the land.
Our family tradition continues, in that we try to
spend as much time outdoors as we can. Victoria is
perfect because of the mild weather — a walk along
the breakwater doesn’t mean freezing to death!
I love the
season for the
way it brings
to light what’s
really important.
It’s the time
of year when
everyone clears
their schedules
for my Mom and Dad’s turkey dinner,
followed by a Boxing Day gathering
with all the cousins, aunts, and
uncles. My memories of these days
are of boisterous games, laughter, and
watching as Grandpa dozed in his
easy chair at the end of the night. I
can’t tell you what gifts were given or
received, but what I do remember is
what’s most important to hold dear,
our relationships with those we love.
Happy Holidays!
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