YAM magazine Sep/Oct 2014 - page 9

A style you can
definitely live with
Lana Lounsbury
Finding Your Design Style’
(page 44)
Style to me is simply the vehicle that
allows one’s personality to shine. It’s not
a gimmick, a colour or an object. It’s the
physicality of space that makes you feel at
home, happy, comfortable and most fully
you. Understanding and embracing your
own style is a lot less pressure than trying
to be exactly
the same as
or completely
different from
everyone else.
You don’t
have to try to
find a style out
in the world;
you have
to find the
style that is
inside of you,
recognize it
and then have
the confidence
to embrace it!
Janine Metcalfe
Style Watch
(page 28)
Like your favourite books, the best fashion spreads tell a story; which is why it seemed
fitting when photographer Cathie Ferguson suggested highlighting September as
International Literacy Month by incorporating a bookish theme into our fashion shoot,
“An Autumn Tale.” Each year, International Literacy Day is celebrated on September 8
with the goal of raising
awareness about the
importance of literacy
around the world. Along
with shooting at Uplands
Park and Discovery Coffee,
we brought our celebration
of literacy to life at Period
Fine Bindings, where master
bookbinder Paul Tronson
restores antiquarian
books. The volumes in his
collection are characterized
by rich hues, elegant
embellishments and leather
detailing — much like this
year’s fall fashions.
David Alexander
Decoding the Modern
(page 72)
When I started this issue’s column,
I thought I would never find a real life
dandy. It’s an age of quick trends and
comfortable clothes — so far removed
from dandyism and the ideals of
classic elegance and sophistication. I
was pleasantly surprised. Not only is
dandyism alive and well in Victoria,
I connected with two men who actually
embrace that lifestyle. Joe Dandy finally
met his match.
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