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  • "The new issue of Douglas landed on my desk this morning and I couldn’t wait to open it. The April/May issue is more beautiful than ever, has fabulous content and an awesome flow from beginning to end. I’m so pleased that we moved our advertising to Page One."

    Douglas Advertiser

  • “Douglas magazine has been the most effective vehicle for getting the word out about my services to Victoria’s business community. The sales team is second to none and the creative department has consistently produced top-quality ads. The Page One Publishing team is constantly checking in with me to brainstorm new ideas and ensure I am fully satisfied with my ad campaign. I would not hesitate in recommending Douglas as a top-quality lead generation tool.”


  • "After the first issue published in the Spring, my husband and I were convinced to take our first trip together to the Island."

    Salt Reader, Calgary AB

  • "I have been placing my jewellery ads with Fresh for the last 3 years and … jewellery has mixed very well with wine and food. I have had a great response to my ads over time and would recommend for others that think grocery magazine is not their "flavor" to rethink and take on a contrarian approach!"

    Fresh Advertiser