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  • "We have been advertising in Fresh for many years now and have not regretted our decision. We love the magazine! The interesting seasonal articles and recipes keep people engaged and informed. We know it brings people into the store and that our advertising money is well spent!"

    Fresh Advertiser

  • "Fan-tastic! I absolutely love the direction that this local mag has progressed into. Great articles, clear sharp images, easy to read and/or come back to with either intent on learning something new… It has it all."

    YAM reader and advertiser

  • "I can tell you that our marketing folks, as well as my Director of Sales, are very impressed with the efforts you put into Fresh. They really like the exposure it gives us — particularly the inside front page. With the circulation and exposure, they see this as a definite benefit in communicating new products or key marketing initiatives directly to Thrifty Foods’ consumers. Thanks.”

    Fresh Advertiser

  • "This magazine definitely does the job luring us Calgarians to your beautiful Island."

    Salt Reader, Calgary AB